What?  WHAT?????


How could my baby have turned seven yesterday?  The years are flying by too quickly, sweet boy.

But the years are kind to us too.  You had the roughest of starts and the hardest of times. Yet today we’re at a place none of us thought we’d see.  You have overcome so very, very much, wee man, and we couldn’t be prouder of you.

Today you are a bundle of energy, fun and hilarity.  You have perfect comic timing and the manners of an Edwardian gentleman.  I know of no other 7 year old boys who hold the car door for their mummy and refuse to let her carry shopping bags.

But most of all….you are you.


And we love you.

To the moon and stars and back with jelly and sprinkles on top!

Happy birthday, my darling boy.

14 Responses to Seven

  1. Happy Happy 7th Birthday young man! You have every right to be proud parents 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    A lovely young man in the making. Happy Birthday K xXx

  3. Good looking, a sense of humor and great manners, wow! That’s a very special special boy. Happy Birthday!

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      And he can do a mean quickstep! I’ll be beating them off with a stick before much longer! 😉 Thank you so much.

  4. What a wee star! 7, where does all the time go? They get big so quickly. Wishing you all the very best and a very “Happy Birthday” indeed. Xx

  5. sarah says:

    You can tell he’s goodness, inside and out xxxx

  6. K-Line says:

    He is so adorable – and I didn’t realize how chivalrous he is! That’s incredible for any boy, these days, much less a 7 year old 🙂 Wishing him a wonderful year ahead.

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      He IS adorable! He’s a wee star. I’ve seen him square up to boys twice his size to defend a girl. I’m so proud of him. 😀

  7. Kim Hood says:

    Well done on your obviously magnificent mothering skills. You have a boy to be very proud of.
    Happy Birthday little man 🎂

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