The house is quiet.

IMG_9039_edited-1Both of them are at school.

Button was a little fazed this morning, but as soon as she bumped into her friend at the gates, she was fine and off like a rocket!

IMG_9040_edited-1Boy has been wired all day waiting to go…he’s only in for half afternoons all this week.

IMG_3173_edited-1It feels like only the blink of an eye since they were these two tiny people at nursery.

Now they are both school children.

I’m a little bit sad that we don’t have babies in the house any more. But much more proud of the amazing people they are growing up to be.

We are entering a new era, and I have no idea what it will bring.  I’m looking forward to finding out.

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  1. JA says:

    It’s an emotional day for all involved. I have a friend who has her last one starting school today, doesn’t seem five minutes ago that she was a babe in arms

  2. Have never had to go through the emotions of this moment…must be quite a mixture of feelings. I love new school uniform day photos – my grandad always took ours!

    • Button came home with socks down, pony tail askew, t-shirt hanging out and I’ve no idea where her cardigan is. You have to get the photos to prove to yourself that they looked crisp and smart for all of 5 minutes!

  3. Ginny says:

    My daughter starts mornings at nursery in a couple of weeks- I can’t believe how fast the time goes! I’ve spent all of today trawling round town trying to find a black pinafore dress with no luck. Ridiculous. I knew I shouldn’t have left it until the last minute. She’s raring to go and frankly I can’t wait to get a bit of quiet time during the days!

    • HAve you tried Tesco online. They deliver to your nearest store for free. Their stock levels are always super low.
      I loved it when the kids started nursery. A couple of quiet days a week to get some cleaning and some sewing done, and the time for a quiet coffee with a magazine. Bliss. I must remember that. In two weeks I’ll have 5 full days a week. The house will be clean again! 😉

  4. Susan says:

    These are *adorable* pictures. Love the look of little kids dressed all adult-like, so precious! Best wishes with this shift in your family’s life. 🙂

  5. Melizza says:

    How cute! I hope they had a great first day at school.

  6. K-Line says:

    I practically shrieked from the cuteness when I saw these pics. Lord – those children are the most adorable things ever. Look at them with their fancy school bottoms. And Button’s shoes are so sweet. I particularly love the photo where they pose together. you can see how much they love each other.

    • Lol…don’t you believe it! Between collecting them at 3.30 and The Husband getting home at 6.30, I was ready for tying their ears back and sending them to the dog’s home! I swear I was looking for the receipt…. 😉

  7. K-Line says:

    PS: My baby started grade 8 today – and she went to school decked out in an outfit I felt would definitely get her sent home. Sigh. Mind you, she does have hair that’s so gorgeous it could be in a shampoo commercial. I choose to focus on that. 🙂

  8. Shar says:

    Your ‘babies’ look adorable! Like K-Line, my daughter is in eighth grade this year and it feels like yesterday that she was heading off to kindergarten wearing a backpack as big as she was! Time does fly.

  9. Oh, it´s such an emotional moment. I find babies so adorable…childhood till 5 years old is the best for all the cuddling…so it´s somewhat sad the see them grow…but then as you say it´s the interesting part kicking in…a person starts to develop and as a parent your guiding role becomes even more important. Enjoy the quietness…it won´t last long ;o)

    • It’s really odd because as they didn’t come home until they were about 15 months old I really thought I’d missed out on the tiny baby bit…but it turns out I actually really love them at this age. Yes, they are strong willed and boisterous, but they are wildly funny, ferociously brave and loving beyond words. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be their mummy!

  10. Oh they are adorable! I love their outfits.
    The start of school years are always emotional when they are little.
    My son just moved out and is starting his 4th year at university. We are now empty nesters and that feels very very strange. So we are also entering a new phase and although a little bittersweet, I think it will be fun 🙂

    • Their school uniforms are adorable. I love walking to school and catching drivers passing us and breaking into a smile because they’re so cute. Throw in a shaggy dog and it’s almost too adorable!
      Good luck with this new stage in your life. I’m sure you’ll find plenty to enjoy. I’ve a feeling I’ll be at that stage before I know it. A good reminder to make the most of every second.

  11. Michelle says:

    They look adorable in their school clothes! I hope that the transition goes well for all of you!

  12. Wow! Those pictures took me back – I have a very similar picture of my daughter in a slightly oversized school uniform! They grow like weed, you will be replacing them in no time.
    I hope you are enjoying your ‘alone’ time 🙂

    • They do grow like weeds! I made shorts for Button at the beginning of the summer and they are being recycled now as they’re too small. I think these pictures are so precious because the time goes so quickly! I’m getting used to the small amount of quiet…it really ramps up next week. 😀

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