Resting in the garden

The next stitchery for the Gardener’s Journal quilt is done…it’s called Resting in the Garden.Obviosuly it’s not my garden she’s resting in! ┬áBut hopefully this will be me by the end of the summer.

I only have 9 more stitcheries to finish and then I can start to quilt.  Just need to find the book now!

2 Responses to Resting in the garden

  1. jane says:

    Great stitching, let’s hope spring hurrys up so you can get out and make the most of that decking

    • pendlestitches says:

      Thanks….the decking is the only serviceable part of the garden! Come the better weather and we’ll be digging and levelling and laying lawn. That’s the royal “we”, of course!

      Evie x

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