Resting in the garden

The next stitchery for the Gardener’s Journal quilt is done…it’s called Resting in the Garden.Obviosuly it’s not my garden she’s resting in!  But hopefully this will be me by the end of the summer.

I only have 9 more stitcheries to finish and then I can start to quilt.  Just need to find the book now!

2 Responses to Resting in the garden

  1. jane says:

    Great stitching, let’s hope spring hurrys up so you can get out and make the most of that decking

    • pendlestitches says:

      Thanks….the decking is the only serviceable part of the garden! Come the better weather and we’ll be digging and levelling and laying lawn. That’s the royal “we”, of course!

      Evie x

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