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Silvia at Sewing Princess has set up a petition to Burdastyle regarding the issues many sewing blogs have been commenting on over recent issues.  I wholeheartedly agree with the points she raises and am thrilled to support her campaign.

She says it more eloquently than I do, so I’ve reblogged her post below. If you agree with Silvia, then please sign the petition here.   I have.

Dear Hurbert Burda Media and Mr Burda,

as seamstresses we love burdastyle magazine and we have appreciated how it has
evolved over the years to remain a landmark publication for sewing enthusiasts.

However, there are a number of issues that often discourage us from buying the
magazine or taking up a subscription.
Below are the most important:

1. Poor photoshoot that hide important garment details (e.g. covered sleeves for a
sleeved dress)
2. Poor instructions that increase hand sewing and are hard to understand, e.g. Burda
08/12 #133 and #113 (See Fehr Trade for much better construction process)

Loads of had sewing Burda 08/2012 113

3. Lack of detailed technical drawings that make us understand how the dress is
4. Repetitive patterns with non-existent or minimal variation either within the same
issue or after few issues (e.g. 08/2012 #133 and 10/2012 #127)

Swing dress Burda 08-2012-133

How to ruin a dress Burda 10/2012 127

5. Pattern choice that would be suitable for Burda easy (e.g. most of issue 07/2012
or the scarf on 09/2011 #105)

Yes, it’s a scarf pattern design Burda 09/2011 105

Two rectangles and they call it a pattern Burda 07/2012 107

6. Dubious style choice in terms of fabric (10/2012 127)

(c) Burdastyle 10/2012 127

7. Dubious design choice ( Leg warmers 10/2011 #150 or Dirdnl designs 09/2011 or  Pants with a hole right at the wront spot 07/2012

(c) Burdastyle Leg warmers Burda 10/2011 150
Pants with hole right THERE Burda 07/2012 128 (c) Burdastyle
Dirndl and it’s not for carnival!

8. Pattern sheets all on one piece of paper: what a tracing nightmare! Are you trying to test our eye sight? (I could not include this point online)

And a suggestion:

9. In addition, given that Burda nowadays creates all patterns electronically, wouldn’t it be great if patterns were offered in a customisable downloadable version? We
could print out at home our favourite Burda patterns designs by inputting our actualmeasurement and generate a fitting pattern.

We really hope that you will take into account our requests and offer us an improved
21 century Burda magazine.

The worldwide sewing community

6 Responses to Petition to Burdastyle

  1. Nothy says:

    An I thought it was only me! I signed the petition. Thanks for posting this, i wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Nope…there is a general consensus in the world of sewing blogs that Burda is being lazy with its designs, it’s photography and it’s content. It took a far better woman than I to come up with the genius idea of petitioning them. If we all spread the world we might convince them to up their game.

  2. Thanks for spreading the word. The more the better. I’m aiming for 500 signatures

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      I think it’s such a great idea. And you put together such a cohesive argument. I do think you’ll get the 500. There are a lot of disgruntled seamstresses out there. Lets hope they pay attention. Bon chance!

  3. I so agree – I´d also ask for more bigger sizes (but then, that´s just because I´m a big girl and their large size patterns are usually just sleevless tunics 🙁 )

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      I do sometimes wonder if they are smoking crack when they design for the plus sizes. That said, the current special edition Plus magazine has some nice and wearable items that aren’t vaguely related to muu muus.

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