One of Those Days

Yesterday was One of Those Days.

What elevated it to capital letter status?

: I burnt a batch of cookies

: I fell over a brick, bruising my toe

: I broke a laundry basket

: I turned one of Mr S’s t-shirts pink in the wash

: I spilt acetone on the new leather sofa, necessitating a visit from the lovely repair man and a bill

: I broke a teacup

One days like this the only sensible thing a girl do is abandon anything that requires any level of accuracy and sit on the sofa stitching.  So I left the big bridesmaids dress on the table and sewed the next stitchery for the Gardener’s Journal quilt:

Birds in the Tree

I’d finished this one the night before:

Dog House

5 down, 20 to go.  These are such fun to do.

Thankfully today is less eventful.  I’ve been in the workroom this morning and have sewn the bodice to the skirts on the big bridesmaid dress.  Also the invisible zip has gone in.  Phew!

And finally, today’s Extreme Toddler Sport is Naked Baby-gate Climbing.  For obvious reasons I’m not posting a picture, but, good grief, it’s like living with Edmund Hillary!!!

3 Responses to One of Those Days

  1. Jane says:

    I like your solution to one of those days. Sometimes it would be nice to tell the world to stop so we can get off. I wish I could tell you the extreme sports stopped as they get older. DS2 did a jump kick at the wardrobe the other day and it bit back! He broke the handle and slice the bottom of his foot on the screw. Don’t think he will be doing that again in a hurry

  2. lol….something like life with Denis the Menace :)))

    I loved the movie version with Walter Matthau

  3. oh yes and sorry for such a bad day but a great solution to change the flow of the day….your embroideries are beautiful.

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