New in blue – Made by Ma!

Button has a new cardigan, the lucky girl.

The pattern is Vintage Snuggly DK Knits from Sirdar, view B. 

And there’s even a matching bag! Just perfect for pennies and sunglasses (she’s her mother’s daughter, for sure).

What more does a girl need?


PS. Sorry about the crappy photos, but we were rushing to buy lining before the shop closed.  You know how that works, right?

PPS.  You’re right…it is a bit big on her…but the weather is starting to warm up here (finally) and this will see her through the whole year. 

PPS. If you think this is big, wait till you see the refashioned jacket.  I had no intention of that not fitting her in the autumn!  And yes, it’s finished.  I sewed the buttons tonight.  It just needs a quick press and a photo shoot.

4 Responses to New in blue – Made by Ma!

  1. It is perfect on her…she looks adorable!

  2. jane says:

    It’s perfect fot those chilly days when a coat would be too much. The matching bag is fantastic

  3. pendlestitches says:

    She’s a lucky girl to have such a talented Grandma!

  4. love love love this cardigan!Grandma is a genius!

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