Mummy squared

3 days in to The Boy being home, we are slowly establishing a new routine.

Despite having to take a reciprocal saw to our old sofa to enable us to get it out of the sitting room.  Then having to remove the sitting room window to enable us to get the new sofa in!

And despite Button developing chickenpox yesterday.

As I type they are both having a nap, having played happily together all morning.  They are as thick as thieves already and totally inseparable.  We couldn’t have asked for more.

So, my mind is turning to sewing.  Maybe, just maybe, I could squeeze a summer skirt or two into the mix over the next few weeks (especially as Mr S is on leave for another week).   Hmmmmmmmmmm, where are my patterns????

3 Responses to Mummy squared

  1. Jane says:

    Hope the chickenpox don’t cause too many problems. Things must be looking up if sewing is on the menu

  2. So very nice to hear that all is well 🙂

    Poor little girl with the chicken pox 🙁 Hopefully they are not too bad and they don’t bother her too much.

    My husband developed chicken pox after my daughter had hers….bad enough getting them as an adult but the timing was so bad…. we were moving at the time.
    The moving van was at the door and the men were loading our belongings. ….he was sooooooo sick and ended up spending days in bed, in the hotel, till we had no choice but to leave so we could meet deadlines…we were posted and had to report at a certain date. We had to “drive” across the country from Summerside PEI to Edmonton Alberta……. which is approx 4700km…unfortunately it was not his best trip….but he is such an easy going person and was a great sport about it all.

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