Mother’s day bag – FO 8/11

You’ll remember that Ma and I were going to The Patchwork Chicks for a bag making day for Mother’s Day.

Well, it was fabulous.

Despite Button’s best attempts to stop me getting out of the door…you know, screaming, shouting, stamping feet, the usual toddler delaying tactics…we still managed to get to Barrowford in time for tea and a very tasty bacon sandwich at the little cafe across the road, the name of which escapes me.At the appointed hour we liberated machines and sewing supplies from the car and headed on in.

There were four of us in total and we all got on famously from the get go.

First we cut out little house shapes and a base from fabric and interliningstitched them togetherthen we lined them, topstitched them, et voila!Of course, before you add cord they also make splendid hats

Sorry Ma!

But when you do get the cord in, then they are delightful project bags:And as this is the first quilty type project I’ve ever completed, and also the first bag, I’m rather pleased with the result.

6 Responses to Mother’s day bag – FO 8/11

  1. Love love love these bags!

  2. Jane says:

    they are gorgeous, wonderful shape

  3. Oh what a fun day..& …the bag looks so cute!

  4. pendlestitches says:

    Thank you all. It was such a great day. Can’t wait for the next one.

  5. Brigitte says:

    Lovely bags Evie. It sounds as though the pair of you had a fab day. Think that you might be onto a winner with the hat idea! xx

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