More stitches from Ma Stitches

It was a cold and windy day in Lancashire yesterday (big surprise there) but Little Stitch didn’t mind because she was wearing the second cardigan recently completed by Ma Stitches:DSCF3003_0053_edited-1

I’ve fiddled with the colour and whilst this photo still doesn’t accurately reflect the wonderful depth of the purple of the yarn, it’s reasonably near. ┬áThe pattern is from the same book as the little yellow cabled number; the yarn is Phildar Oxygene in Prune that I bought in France during out last trip.

As always, Little Stitch looks adorable in it, so thanks again, Ma, for another hit knit.


3 Responses to More stitches from Ma Stitches

  1. Jane says:

    They go beautifully together

  2. flajol says:

    Ma Stitches’ knitting is fabulous. Have you introduced her to Ravelry yet???

  3. pendlestitches says:

    Thanks so much. I’m working on getting Ma into Ravelry…I think this will really take off for her when she moves here.xx

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