More stitcheries

Not a lot of stitching has been happening on the Gardeners Journal quilt stitcheries recently, but over the holiday period I didn’t feel much like knitting or sewing so I picked them up again.

I managed to do the following 3:

The Garden Shed was stitched on New Years Eve accompanied by some rather splendid red wine. ¬†This accounts for the “charmingly” wonky stitching.

I’ve another one in progress at the moment and then I’m about 2/3rds done with them. ¬†Good progress, I think.


4 Responses to More stitcheries

  1. Brigitte says:

    The wonky stitching adds to the charm ! You did all that over Christmas? I am still making a cross stitch wall hanging I started when my son was a baby. He is now 20. Maybe it will be ready for a grandchild sometime, but don’t hold your breath!!

    • pendlestitches says:


      Are we not holding our breath for grandchildren or that the cross stitch will ever be finished?

      Evie x

      • Brigitte says:

        Please don’t hold your breath for either. You may turn a nasty shade of blue! I’m far too young to be a grandma and the Noah’s Ark wall hanging only has the Ark half completed and nothing started of the managerie of animals or decorative detail. It is sadly a lost cause!
        I have just started a blog. I’m a total novice so it’s a bit basic, but please have a peep sometime. As you can imagine sewing and knitting are very unlikely to feature unless it’s to moan about the latest button that I have sewn on, only for it to fall off again minutes later.

        Brigitte x

  2. Jane says:

    You have been busy. great progress indeed. I usually have a glass of white with mine

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