More Snowflakes

We had the most magical Christmas.  Strangely every photo I took was of a certain wee small girl looking festive and happy:But I was also pleased to have a warm and cozy Mr Stitches in his finally finished Snowflake Jacket:I’ve adjusted the buttons to ensure that the pattern actually matches at the centre front!But I’ve discovered on more problem with this pattern….getting Mr S to stop wearing it!!!!!!!!!

4 Responses to More Snowflakes

  1. Jane says:

    That’s a nice problem to have, shows he appreciates it.

  2. Xtian says:

    The snowflake jacket looks lovely, I meant to say so yesterday when Mr Stitches was wearing it how lovely it is but I was too focussed on the amazing baking book you gave me…can’t wait to start baking!

  3. Your daughter looks adorable in her outfit! I love the little red shoes.
    My daughter used to always have those rosy red cheeks too 🙂

    The sweater looks great. I like these types of sweaters, but unfortunately I don’t knit.

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