Mooching on a Monday

The past few weeks have been hustle and bustle. It’s all good but I’m craving a slightly slower pace. Today was the first opportunity for a little simple domesticity.

Whilst the children were at nursery I made bias binding and did the machine sewing to attach it to my dress.

Tonight I can curl up on the sofa with The Husband and hand stitch whilst we watch a movie.  This dress is so nearly finished.

After nursery the children and I went to the park for a couple of hours to make the most of a dry day.  We met grandparents and friends from nursery, purely accidentally.  We played stick ball and football and had lunch in the cafe.

Then whilst they scootered up and down the street with the neighbours children I attacked (and beat into submission)the 3 foot high weeds in the garden, and cut the peony flowers that had been battered by the winds and rain over the weekend.

I need to plant more peonies!

And some of the lovely new peony roses from David Austin.

David Austin’s beautiful Royal Jubilee rose
Image courtesy of

Doing all this gentle, domestic mooching,  I remembered what life was like before I started to finish my degree.

And what it will be like in just over 3 months when I am done.

And I’m excited for a future full of simple pleasures at home and with my family.

A pretty great start to the week, no?

I hope your Monday has been as wonderful.

6 Responses to Mooching on a Monday

  1. That´s a quiet day?! Love those peonies. We have some David Austin roses here in Spain that a friedn sent from the UK. They took a while to get established but we have a similar one to the one in your photo but it´s a very pale peach. Now I want the fuschia coloured one! I like hand sewing at night too…very restful.

    • PendleStitches says:

      Hand sewing is very soothing indeed. I’m itching to get more fabric so I can crack on with my hexie quilt. I have a couple of Belle Epoch roses which are peach with a blush tip to the petals and are beautiful. I’m definitely adding that peony rose to the list though. It’s stunning.

  2. Gosh only three months? Wow that’s so soon – what are you going to do with said degree when done and dusted?

    • PendleStitches says:

      Not soon enough…I can tell you! 🙂 I’ve no great plans for the degree, it’s very much education for education’s sake. However, it’s useful to have in the bag because you never know when it will come in useful. It also opens the door to upskilling to become a proof reader or copy editor, both of which really appeal to me.

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