Me-not-quite-making-it March and a plan for April

Well, March has been and gone and you’ll recall that I wanted to make the Linton Tweed Dress, the jacket refashion for Button and the cape for Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat.

The Linton Tweed dress and the jacket are done.

Sadly the cape isn’t (sorry Alice).  I have cut the pattern pieces out, if that counts for anything.

So I’m claiming a 70% success rate on the month, which I’m reasonably happy with, and carrying the cape through to April.

So what am I planning for April?

Obviously the cape is top of the list.

And a couple of surprise presents for Button and Princess Rose for Easter.

And board shorts for The Boy from stash pieces.  I have two pieces of linen with his name on them.

I think that’s enough for this month.  I might even get all of them done this time.

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  1. We are going to have to do an easter egg hunt for them!They are going to love that!
    Also The Boy will look so cool in board shorts!

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