Matronly – FO 10 & 11/2010

Well, I hardly think they are worth the wait but here are my latest two finished objects, with really rubbish pictures.  My hair is windswept because we walked home from a nursery visit this morning (2.5 miles) and its definitely not summer weather here today.This ‘outfit’ begs the question “WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING???”

Let’s first off agree that pastels just don’t work in any way shape or form for me.  They really do look terribly matronly on me and although my birthday is running down the street screaming “Here I come!” I’m not ready to give in just yet!

Secondly…shoulda done a FBA…Doh!

Then I’m not loving the sleeves.  I’m coming to the conclusion that dolmen sleeves in any way shape or form really don’t do it for me.

And I bound the neck (the pattern called for a facing – but I’ve never bought a t-shirt with facing so ignored this).  I think the binding looks bulky.

The skirt is a bit big now.  It fit perfectly when I drafted the pattern but, wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I took the weight counter off of the blog I started losing weight again.  It’s only a couple or 3 pounds but enough to slacken a waistband.

Now I actually think the skirt might work with a slate gray t-shirt and some sandals. I’ll try it and see.

But the t-shirt is, I think, history.  It looks a bit better with jeans, but not much.Mr S thinks it’s a cross between a Star Trek outfit and a great top for judo because you can get a good grip around the arms.  I can see his point.

Good job the babies need new bibs!  I think this will go on the repurposing pile for just such a purpose.

6 Responses to Matronly – FO 10 & 11/2010

  1. Xtian says:

    Beam me up Scotty!

  2. niece stitches says:

    i mean this in the nicest way but the top would make a nice pj/slouching round the house top

  3. niece stitches says:

    the quality of the sewing looks superb though, just the style is not quite right

  4. Well I think the color is rather nice but they only just don’t belong together. The top with jeans looks right 🙂

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