Making progress

Once again that wretched lurgy caught up with me and had me relegated to the sofa watching CBeebies (not my choice but great for keeping Little Stitch entertained when Mummy has her nose stuck in a box of tissues).

I’m slowly coming out the other side of it (although Mr S and Little S have now decided to follow my example and become all snuffly).  So today I finally made some progress on sorting out the sewing room.  So much so that next week I’ll probably be actually able to start making something.  Crikey.  I found a pair of black twill trousers already cut out and a dress that I’d made, hated and unpicked.  I suspect these will be the starting point.

In other news, after the best part of 5 months of wrangling with the Open University about transferring my French course to next year (they weren’t up for it – I was insistent) they have finally agreed to let me do so. I am thrilled. It means I’ll be able to finish my degree with them without wasting almost £1000.

It’s a good feeling when good business sense and a willingness to support a keen student win out over “policy”.

2 Responses to Making progress

  1. xtiand says:

    Get better soon, you need to come out and play again!
    I’m glad the sewing room is coming together and that the OU have finally seen sense!

  2. Rose Cherry says:

    I’m jealous – My sewing room needs some work but I keep finding sewing that MUST be done. I’ve given you the “One Lovely Blog” award which you pick up at my blog,

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