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Yesterday I ordered a little thank you gift for a friend from Loop.

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Along with Brownberry yarns these are my go-to gals for delicious gifty loveliness.

I’ve got to tell you that with this order the Loop ladies excelled themselves.

They rang me three times yesterday before I noticed that I’d inadvertently switched off the ringer on my phone.  When I rang back it was to find that they were concerned as a couple of people who had purchased the yarn had commented that it leeched colour whilst knitting.  As it’s dyed with indigo I kinda expected this and the colour was too perfect for the intended recipient to worry about this.  It will stop after a wash or two.

I thought this was pretty brilliant, especially as they offered me a discount which made the postage costs more palatable.

Even more amazing was that even though it was gone 3pm when I finally spoke with them, the gift arrived in today’s delivery.  They had packed it up and got it ready for last night’s post collection.

In my book, that’s how you do it.

Ladies from Loop, thank you so much.


6 Responses to Lovely Loop

  1. Jane says:

    customer service as it should be

  2. Impressive but, as Jane says above, it´s how it should be. Are you making it up into something for your pal?

  3. You are very complimentary about my knitting skills, especially as I am being decidedly tardy about getting your socks knitted.
    I love the yarn and despite Skye’s (the puppy) interest in it I have managed to wind it into a ball and plan to make a pair of cosy gloves. The colour is indeed perfect, very reminiscent of the water around Skye, the island in this case not the dog!

    • PendleStitches says:

      I am very honest about your knitting skills. Having seen the yarn today and the scarf you are knitting, I wasn’t wrong about them or the choice of yarn. It will look beautiful on you.

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