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I recently mentioned that I’d finally bought myself a pair of Lotta from Stockholm sandals. Having worn them pretty much constantly since they arrived I’m confident that now is the time to give you a review.

To remind you I bought the Peep Toe Clogs in Red Leather in a size 39.

lotta 1


To back up a bit, I have to tell you that, as with so much other ready to wear shopping, I have a love/hate relationship with shoes.  I love shoes…too much if you ask The Husband, but what does he know?…but, as a UK size 6.5, with a surprisingly narrow foot, buying shoes is oftentimes a depressing experience, as very few stores in my price bracket offer half sizes in shoes.

lotta 2

Add into the mix a dodgy knee that will need to be replaced at some point, a compression of vertebrae in my mid-spine and a recurring problem with my neck that we’re still trying to get to the bottom of, and the other thing you have to factor in is heels.  Or lack of them.

lotta 3

It seems beyond the wit of man, or fashion shoe manufacturers anyway, to produce cute, comfortable shoes, in half sizes, with a low heel, and a sole that isn’t so thin that you feel like you’re walking with your feet in sacks of nails.

Enter Lotta.

lotta 4

First up…they are half the price of their stylistic cousins, the Hasbeens.  This isn’t a criticism of Hasbeens, but when you’re trying something new for the first time, a more wallet friendly alternative is always a good thing.

Secondly…they have a heel and a substantial sole…obviously.  Compared to ballet flats, which I love, but which sometimes have heels and soles so thin as to be almost non-existent, this buffer between tootsies and the cold, hard pavement is a wondrous thing.

lotta 5

So far so good.  But…they don’t do my tricksy 6.5 half size.  Well, you’ll have noticed that I ordered a 6.  And they fit me beautifully.  The size 6 also fits my friend Himmlebjeget.  She actually is a size 6.  The lovely Lara Croft is a size 5.5.  She tried mine on and, yep, the 6 is the size she’d order too.

Now both H and L have wider feet that me…it’s not difficult to have wider feet than me. But the leather is so supple that this isn’t a problem for them.

The supple leather also ensures that the shoes are super comfortable to wear.  Yes, the hard sole takes a little bit of adjusting to because you have to walk properly.  But my notoriously abysmal posture is ballerina straight when I wear them, and you can feel the workout in your tush.

I am, shall we say, a convert.

lotta 6

And lets not forget that shopping with Lotta is a delight.  Prompt service.  No hidden costs.  And the best courier service I’ve ever encountered without exception.  On the day of the delivery I received a text telling me the name of my driver, what number on the list my delivery was (number 7), that delivery number 1 was currently being made and my shoes would be with me between 8.34 and 9.34am.

Just when I’d be out on the school run.

No problem.  A quick text and arrangements had been made for the parcel to be left for me in a secure place. Which it was when I got home from school.


So…comfy shoes, that look super cute (The Husband, an inveterate stiletto man if ever there was one, loves them), fit like a dream, support my ridiculous back, give my butt a much needed workout, go with everything and don’t break the bank.

What’s not to love?

Nothing…that’s why I’m ordering this pair this week!

lotta 7

They’re a slightly higher heel, but I think they’ll be ok.  This could be the start of a beautiful, and comfortable, relationship!


All pictures are from the Lotta from Stockholm website, used with the kind permission of Lotta and Jonny.  Other than letting me use their images, this post is not sponsored…I just love my shoes and wanted to share.


17 Responses to Lotta love

  1. Jane says:

    I agree with everything you say Evie, even down to the super useful text delivery service. I got a pair for my birthday (to the delight of my husband who was expecting Swedish Hasbeen prices) and LOVE them! Mine are the plaited leather style in natural. I’m normally a 4.5 with a widish foot, I ordered the 5 and they fit me perfectly. I’ve also walked miles in them and never even had to put a plaster on. I don’t think it will be long before a second pair appears, maybe in red….! x

    • Evie says:

      My friend has that pair…they’re lovely. It’s great to be able to walk in your shoes without crippling yourself, no?

  2. These are lovely. Isn’t it hard to get comfy, non-flat shoes? Thanks for sharing the website and the review. xx

    • Evie says:

      It’s crazy hard to find cute comfy shoes. I’d love to wear heels all day but it’s not going to happen. And I walk like a butch drag queen in them…not cool!

  3. Love them! Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Helen says:

    I have exactly the same red pair as you which I bought two years ago and love them! I was lusting after the Hasbeens but didn’t want to pay the price when I friend told me about Lotta. You are right, the service is superb. Looking at the photos above there seem to be some new styles so I’m going to take a look.

  5. Roisin says:

    I totally agree! I bought a pair of the Betty clogs from their seconds section a couple of months ago – they were £35 or something ridiculous. Admittedly, they don’t look as delicate as the Swedish hasbeens but the quality of them is definitely comparable and the selection is excellent. I’ve become a bit of a clogaholic because they’re so chic and comfortable! I’ve just bought the gold pair above but in pink – very excited for them to arrive!

    • Evie says:

      A clogaholic! Love it! I’ve waiting by the door for the delivery of the navy slingbacks to arrive. I suspect they won’t be my last pair. I love the pink pair you’ve ordered. Very you!

  6. Ok, I need a pair! Was going to ask your advice on what size to order as am a 4.5 with a wide foot but saw Jane’s comment and I think the 5 will be good! Love the look of them and the service and delivery sounds amazing 🙂

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  8. Thank you so much for posting about this! I just ordered the braided ones in black with a low heel, and can’t wait for them to get here! My entire family has problems with their feet, necks, backs and shoulders and me starting to work in a shop (standing up for five hours a day at least!) made me realise I need some decent shoes in my life… I wore my Minnetonkas a lot because they have a thicker sole than my other flats, but they don’t provide any support! Right now I’m switching between two pairs of trainers, one by Camper and a black pair of Komrads. Both are really recommended by the way, they look like regular sneakers but are a lot sturdier and have shaped insoles. I’m now hoping these clogs will be good to wear when trainers just won’t do!

    • Evie says:

      It’s so hard when you have back/neck/feet issues. Comfort is so key. Thanks for the details of the Campers/Komrads. The Campers in particular will be dangerous to my bank account! 😉

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