Life in a northern town – July 2016, part 2

Today is the first day of the summer holidays.  We’ve had a slow start to the day. The kids are having a water fight in the garden.  We’re still alive at lunchtime.  It bodes well for the rest of the holidays.

Two weeks today, with a bit of luck and nobody playing silly buggers at the last minute, we will be moving house.  Even though we’re having the place professionally packed for us, there still seems so much to do.  I tidied away my sewing machine last night.  I’m not entirely sure if it will come out again in this house, and just how quickly I’ll get it unpacked in the new house.

Number 2 makes me ever so slightly anxious.

But I will have a lovely and spacious sewing room in the new house so it will be worth a little while without sewing.

Won’t it????

I will get some lovely photos of George soon and share them with you.  But till then, this little face will have to do!


We weren’t planning on getting a new puppy until after the school holidays.

Sometimes it’s good just to throw the plan out of the window!

We had a dance competition for The Boy at the weekend.  Note to self, when travelling over an hour from home to the competition venue at 7am in the morning…it really helps to pack his dance shoes!

Number 9 is Reason 876 why I love The Husband. He drove back home to collect the dance shoes.

The Boy won.  Again.  First place for quickstep and for jive in the 6-7 year old age group.

With his lovely dance partner

With his lovely dance partner for the day.

I may be ever-so-slightly ridiculously proud of him.

His success may have prompted his sister (who is equally talented as a dancer but decidedly more work shy) to up her game.

I’ll leave you with my current favourite pictures of my wee man.  I’ll be beating the girls away with a stick in a few years!



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  1. Kim Hood says:

    I hope the house move goes well – the sewing will wait until you are ready.
    Well done that boy! You have every right to be proud of him. He is clearly a star in the making (and yes, you will have girls lining up). I’m sure Button will be spurred into action – nothing like a bit of sibling rivalry.
    Your George is just adorable. We are without any pets at the moment but I am campaigning hard 🙂

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Funny you say that about sibling rivalry. She has really been upping her game at lessons and tonight was stellar!

      George is a joy. He went for his first walk yesterday and it was such fun. I hadn’t realised how empty the house was without a fur baby…even if he is the most astonishing slipper thief!

      Good luck with the campaign! ;-D

  2. Tialys says:

    Good luck with your move. When we moved to France (in two lorries!!) we had all our things packed up and I can’t tell you what a blessing that was and I would definitely pay to have it done again if we move again (although we’d need three lorries this time).
    A spacious new sewing room will definitely be worth the wait. I love my room – it’s all mine and I know where everything is – well, most of the time.
    All your boys are adorable. I didn’t want to mention the height thing but is it not a disadvantage to have a much taller partner in a competition? My experience of ballroom dancing comes from ‘Strictly’ where they seem to match couples according to height a lot of the time so it is a serious question. Anyway, he won so it obviously wasn’t a problem.

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Thanks for the good wishes. I’m so glad I don’t have to do the packing and cannot wait till everything is in it’s rightful place.

      I’m another Strictly expert, but you are absolutely right about the height difference. However, normally in this type of competition Boy would dance with a teacher. The fact that he was dancing with a girl, even though she’s older and taller than him, was actually a bonus for him! It shows a higher level of skill.

      He’s currently working with a girl from the dance school for other competitions later in the year where he needs to dance with a girl of about his own age, although I think she’ll soon be too tall for him too. That said, I don’t think we’ll have problems finding him a partner ;-). Especially if Button knuckles down a bit. She’s equally talented!

  3. Marianne says:

    Awwww, George is so cute! Congratulations on the new house, the new puppy and your son’s brilliant dance career. Keep focusing on that sewing room in the weeks to come. It’ll be so much fun once the moving part is over. Good luck!

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Thank you so much. As the days tick by I get more and more excited by this move, but won’t quite believe it until I’m turning the key in the new lock. The new sewing room will be awesome and I’m really looking forward to setting it up and getting everything out of packing boxes!

  4. Jane says:

    Ah I LOVE that final picture!!! What a handsome husband and son you have, they even have matching hair! Best of luck with the house move Evie. Xx

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      I’m rather biased but I do agree that they are both awfully handsome!
      Thanks for the good luck. It’s all been a bit traumatic over the last week (I’ll report back on that once we’re in) but we are only 3 days away now so I’m starting to get rather excited!

  5. Fiona M says:

    Happy days! Good luck with the house move and the puppy.
    Not sewing at all myself lately – as the very proud owner of a gorgeous 15 week old Cocker pup, I know what you’re in for, but it passes so quickly so enjoy every minute.
    And finally, very well done The Boy, what a star!

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Oh I love Cockers. There are two at puppy classes and they are adorable. George is such a bundle of mischief but he’s also a really well behaved pup (as pups go).
      The are such a joy!
      Thank you re The Boy. He’s doing remarkably well and we are revoltingly proud! 😉

  6. Karen says:

    Just wait until you are looking back on this next year. It will soon be over. What an amazing time you are going through with the family. Happy house move K xXx

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Thank you. This year has been so busy but it’s all incredibly good stuff. And the new house is going to make life even better….closer to grandparents and backing right onto our favourite park.:-D

  7. So many exciting things happening for you all. He is outrageously good looking, and clearly very talented…hell, you are absolutely allowed to be proud! And you do know that I may have to travel north and kidnap George on the grounds of being overly cute?! Good luck with the move. PS. I bought my sewing machine to Spain and finally used some beautiful jersey I bought from you a couple of years ago and made a gorgeous maxi dress!

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Hurrah for Spanish sewing. I can’t wait to see it!

      George is gorgeous…you’re very welcome here but you’ll never prise him from the fingers of small peeps! 😉

      And my boy is so very handsome, and such a sweetheart. He works so hard at his dancing that it makes me burst with pride.

  8. Gail says:

    The Boy is such a doll! I wonder if you could post another short video of him dancing at some point? It’s so fun to watch!

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      I’ll get some video at the big comp in Blackpool and post them for you. Always happy to show him off!
      Until then it’s all under wraps. Who knew juvenile ballroom dancing was soooooo competitive!? 😉

  9. K-Line says:

    Truly – every photo of all of your people is just adorable and you can see what love there is in your home. But onto the congratulations – that kid has talent! What if he ends up on some dance show one day?? His dance partner is a knock out and I think it’s hilarious how boys are paired with girls a head taller. I guess that’s how it is at that stage 🙂

    Your new house is going to be fantastic. I cannot wait to see photos of the new space and to hear about how life is in the new place.

    Finally, love the doggie! I really want a dog. It’s not going to happen because, seriously, I cannot bring myself to care for one more thing these days (even if it’s just a houseplant). But they bring so much joy. xoxo

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      If he doesn’t end up on some dance show I want to know the reason why!!!!!

      His partner is gorgeous and such a talented dancer. She partnered with him for this one because she’s a bit older and experienced, but it was still quite a coup for him to lead a girl onto the floor rather than a teacher. It caused a bit of a stir!

      He’ll be entering proper partner competitions soon and then he’ll dance with a girl of his age and height. God love him, though, he’s shorter than most boys his age, but built for ballroom!

      George is a joy. He is one more thing to take care of but I swear he’s easier than any of the rest of them, no matter how adorable they look!

      3 days to the house move. Cannot. Wait!

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