Over the past couple of months 3 lovely readers, Kaitlyn, Fiona and Kim have each kindly given me a Liebster Award. Thank you, ladies. I’m sure by now this needs no introduction, so I’ll skip on that.

The thing is, I feel a bit of a fraud!  The award is designed for blogs with fewer than 200 readers.  At the risk of seeming to toot my own horn, a quick look at my various stats and I now have more than that!

Who knew?  I’m extremely thrilled with that little snippet of news, I can tell you.  Thank you one and all for your support and for reading my ramblings.

So…what to do?

I’ve been mulling it over and decided that instead of complying with the normal rules of engagement, I’m going to list 10 random facts about me and 10 blogs I love. This seems perfect for some light Friday afternoon reading, and to send you off down the rabbit hole that is the world of new-to-you blogs.

Have fun!

So, 10 things you didn’t know about me (and to be fair probably didn’t lose sleep over not knowing, but there you go!):

  1. My favourite flowers in the world are peonies.  In a perfect world I’d have endless beds of peonies from which I could fill the house with their blousey beauty. They are floral perfection.
  2. You can get me to do just about anything with the promise of salt caramel.  Oozing over home-made ice cream. Layered with buttercream in a cake. Chewy and parcelled in chocolate.  Whatevs!  It’s just my favourite flavour.  Throw in a good cup of coffee and I’m in heaven.
  3. I never imagined myself having kids.  Now I can’t imagine my life without them.  They drive me up the wall, and scare me more than I ever thought possible, but, along with their daddy, they have changed my world.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank them all enough for that.
  4. I’m not a process sewer.  I’m not the gal who disappears into the sewing room for hours on end to try out the latest technique, just to see if she can crack it.  I’m all about the end result.  If I’m sewing jeans, it’s because we need jeans.  Same with knitting.  (Although I’m not sure just how many pairs of socks will ever be enough for the husband).  I’m working on embracing the process more.  I think it will make me a better sewist.
  5. One of the reasons I’m not a process person is that I am not a patient person.  You can probably hear the roars of laughter from my loved ones.  They know.  It’s true.
  6. On the subject of socks…didn’t I once say I was never knitting socks again?  Yeah. Never say never.  It jumps up and bites you on the bum.  I pretty much always have a pair of socks on the go.  I love my husband…he loves hand knitted socks.  Oh, and they are great to carry around so if I’m waiting on kids or doctors I’m feeling productive.  It links back to the not being patient thing again 😉
  7. I love a good cup of coffee, but my favourite drink is tea.  I invariably have a cup on the go most of the day.  And I invariably only ever drink about half of it.  Weird I know.
  8. Actually…tea is my favourite daytime drink.  Come the evening and a dirty Martini with extra olives hits the mark.  But strangely only when I’m out.
  9. I don’t drink tequila.  Ever.  There’s a story.  But you’d have to bribe me with several Martini’s and a truck load of salt caramel for me to ever divulge.
  10. No 9 is the reason I wouldn’t be young again if you paid me.  Not unless I can take my hard earned wisdom with me 😉

Ten blogs you might just like:

  1. Little Cotton Rabbits
  2. Manger
  3. Janet Clare
  4. Knitsofacto
  5. Made in Home
  6. Mercury – Handmade Fashion
  7. Sanae Ishida
  8. Tom of Holland
  9. Vintage Belle
  10. Yoshimi the flying squirrel

So there you go.

I’m off to hem a small dress that is a birthday gift for a party we’re at on Sunday.   I’ll be back next week with pics of the little dress and, hopefully, a catch up on Wardrobe Architect.

Have a lovely weekend.


8 Responses to Leibster

  1. Fiona M says:

    Great post, thanks Evie!

  2. K-Line says:

    Great info about you! It’s amazing how many things we have in common. Now off to check out some new blogs…

  3. Nakisha says:

    LOVE!!! This was fun to read 🙂

    Sock knitting is addicting.
    Tequila is the best! Lol! 😉

  4. Tessaro says:

    Thanks for these blog recommendations which, so far, have been fabulous. I’m rationing myself to looking at one or two a day and each is like a mini break from my life to theirs!

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