They look so angelic.

And then they strip off in dance class with a flourish, a ‘perfect 10’ gymnastics closing stance, and a resounding “Ta Daaaaaaa!”

Or they argue, straight faced and with no sense of irony, that they don’t need to eat fruit and vegetables to help them see in the dark because they have torches.

Not one torch.

Oh no!

Two torches.

So who needs apples and carrots.

Crazy grown-ups!

But today Button takes the biscuit.

I went to retrieve laundry from the dryer in the garage.

She bolted the door behind me.


4 Responses to Kids!

  1. Jane says:

    lol, Jonathan did that to me when he was little. I was putting rubbish out in the bin when he shut the front door behind me. Quite a sight seeing a heavily pregnant woman crawl through a hole in a neighbours hedge to get to the open back door.

    • PendleStitches says:

      Thankfully she realised that this possibly wasn’t the best thing to do to Mummy and promptly opened the door. Not sure I’ll get such a good response next time.
      And I’m sure there’ll be a next time!

  2. Brigitte says:

    Don’t you just love them!
    I have 30 little darlings to watch over but I can wave bye bye to them at 3.20 !
    My eldest locked himself in a holiday cottage when he was 3 and had a whale of a time pulling faces at us through the window whilst we were frantically trying to get him to unbolt the door! xx

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