Kids Clothes Week – I’m on the fence


I have a serious case of missing mojo!  The only thing I’m remotely keen on doing at the moment is sewing hexies.  And a little knitting.  But I’ve not been in the sewing room since Red, except to pack up boxes.

So when I realised this week was Kids Clothes Week…I had absolutely no enthusiasm for it whatsoever.

kcw fall13

I have to admit that I’d got my timing wrong.  I’d originally thought it coincided with half-term, but that doesn’t start until Friday, so technically I have 4 days when I could sew for the kids.

Lord knows they need some winter clothes.  And I have a crate of shirts and jeans and fabric offcuts all ready to upcycle into lovely things for them.

But I just feel so “meh!” about sewing.  I know it’s because I’m still harbouring the tail end of this wretched cough, but even I’m bored of that now.

I really wouldn’t mind making Button another couple of those lovely Heidi and Finn Cowl Neck Dresses:

cowl dress

It’s such a great pattern.  It’s a perfectly quick sew yet cosy and stylish, and with tights and boots would see her through the season. I have some red ponte left and some blue jersey, both of which would be cute on her.

I also have four shirts to cut up for Boy…I’m loving the Ethan shirt by SisBoom:

ethan shirt

He’s always been resistent to shirts but I’m hoping that as 3 of the shirts are pink (which he loves) I might be able to win him over.

I could make him some Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo Pants to go with the shirts:

field trip cargoAnd I think he’d love a Greenpoint Cardigan as a lightweight jacket alternative. I’ve enough of the blue jersey to make both a dress for Button and a cardigan for Boy:

greenpointObviously I’m not going to get 2 dresses, 4 shirts, a pair of jeans and a cardigan cut and sewn in 4 days, but, at the very least, I’d get them all printed, taped and cut out. Which would be a start, and might just give my mojo the kick in the butt is so richly deserves.

I don’t know.

I’m almost talking myself into it.

Are you ‘doing’ KWC?

20 Responses to Kids Clothes Week – I’m on the fence

  1. Jane G says:

    It does take a while to get back in to the swing of things when you’ve been ill. The hand sewing and knitting sounds perfect. Maybe go and have a nosy around the sewing room and see how you feel,maybe handling the fabric may trigger something. Whatever you decide, look after yourself and get properly better

  2. shawnta715 says:

    I’m participating, but I’m really bad with plans. Since I was up at 4 I decided to put together a Figgy’s banyan top, but don’t know what’s going with it. If I don’t have the prep work done for a new project before I finish the old one my mojo usually goes into a slump. I agree that going through your fabric can give you a jolt of mojo.

    • Sewing at 4! Oh my goodness. I do hope the Banyan starts to behave itself.

      • shawnta715 says:

        Goodness that should say ‘what’s going with it’ as in the other items! lol Maybe that’s what I get for using Siri’s voice over to type out my comment for me. Hubby goes into work at 4 so sometimes I just don’t go back to sleep and get some stuff done. Love that dress pick too BTW. I may have to get it to make a elf costume for a school play.

        • Ha ha! My friend sent me the most amusing Siri message last week. It was about her hospital visit but became a strange tale of sailing. So funny. You are a better gal than I. The husband gets up at 5.45 to go to the gym…I roll over! The cowl neck dress is a fantastic pattern. I really recommend it.

  3. scriviasole says:

    I might decide to do it, the day hasn’t finished yet and I need to get sewing for my daughter anyway. this is a good challenge, than I could sew for me next week… looks like a good plan 🙂

  4. Andrea says:

    If it feels like too much, why don’t you aim for one item for each of them? That may be enough to get you back in the swing of things without it feeling too daunting. I’m not taking part because I have no kids, but I’m currently working on finishing a new quilt for my brand new nephew so I’ll sew-along with you in spirit 🙂

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  6. K-Line says:

    I totally know how the mojo comes and goes. Sometimes, I have no interest in knitting. Other times no interest in sewing. Occasionally, I have no use for either. And yet, here I am getting lots of projects made in the scheme of things. Not that it worries you, but don’t let it! Crafters are crafters. Just cuz we need a break doesn’t mean we’ve lost our way.

  7. My ‘kid’ is now 30 so I wont be participating in this! I understand the mojo problem. I really don’t want to sew at the minute – I would rather be knitting 🙂

  8. I think you should just get yourself better and watch every one else this time round!

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