Actually, that’s a typo, it should be ‘gym’.

Image courtesy of davidlloyd.co.uk
Image courtesy of davidlloyd.co.uk

After months, nay years, of bitching and moaning about my weight, and having added lots more lbs over the duration of the adoption process, even I’m bored of the topic.

So, I’ve gone and done it.

I’ve joined a gym.

I’m equal parts terrified and super excited.

Terrified that I no longer have any excuse for being a bit of a couch potato porker.

Super excited because I no longer have any excuse for being a bit of a couch potato porker, and it’s just an amazing gym…there is:

– an amazingly equipped gym with instruments of torture fitness machines I’ve just never seen before;

– two pools, plus a toddlers pool so Little Stitch can learn to swim;

– lots of lovely fitness classes, like pilates and yoga and step;

– tennis and squash courts;

– enormous and sparkly clean changing rooms;

– a super coffee shop with, wait for it…..

– a children’s ball and play area

So not only can I go and get in shape, but Little Stitch and I can also go swimming together, and on rainy days, of which there are many around here, we have somewhere to go and play.

Super exciting.

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  1. Congratulations! I love going to the gym and it makes such a difference in how you will feel. Nothing like the feeling after a really good work out.
    It’s such a fantastic step and one that will mean so much in the long run.
    And I know you will have fun there with your daughter 🙂

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