SOLD – Striped jersey fabric for sale

As we clear down the loft ready to put everything into a storage locker and start ripping the room to pieces, I’ve come across another large piece of  fabric that won’t ever be used by me.


This is a lightweight striped cotton jersey in navy marl and white.  The stripes are even widths and run horizontally across the fabric.


There is a lot of drape in this fabric.


It’s a lovely fabric…just not ‘me’.  Wardrobe Architect has a lot to answer for! 😉

It’s a little over 170cm wide and 3.2m in length.  Plenty to make a dress or a maxi skirt ready for summer…although you will need a slip underneath as this is lovely and lightweight and flowing.

£15.00 including UK postage and packaging.  

I’ll happily ship anywhere else…I’ll just need to get a price for the extra shipping for this.

Fabric will be shipped in a sealed poly shipping bag to keep it clean and dry.

Payment via PayPal please…just email me if your interested and I’ll send you the details. Use the little envelope button up there on the top right of the blog.



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  1. Vicki Kate says:

    Ooh, that’s pretty!

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