Jacket refashion…3

Okay…I’m officially bored with this now!

After much deliberation and taking into account the advice of my most talented sewing friend, I realised that I wasn’t quite as talented as she, and scrapped the original pattern and muslin.

Next up is a version of my own designing, based upon Button’s nursery cardigan.

This is the second toile and I’m not overly convinced!

Perhaps I need to park this, do another project and come back to it with fresh eyes.  And a different pattern!

What do you think?


4 Responses to Jacket refashion…3

  1. Rose says:

    What a cute girl! My thoughts are to take a short breather if you feel that you need it. Then, get back to it and finish it! To me, the jacket appears to be nearly finished.

  2. I like that one better than the first one and I think it would look good as a jacket, but do not do it when you are feeling down about it because you wont enjoy it and it wont turn out as good xxx

  3. Xtian says:

    Have a look at McCalls 6304, it’s similar in style to the original jacket. I agree on the idea of a break from looking at it and getting frustrated though.

  4. pendlestitches says:

    McCalls 6304 is a definate possibility. Have avoided the sewing room today, mainly because my knitting had gone awry and there was quite a bit of frogging to do!!!!

    I’m letting this project simmer for a while until I renew my enthusiasm for it!

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