It’s oh so quiet…shhhhh! shhhhh!

It’s quiet here.

Too damned quiet if you ask me.

The dog is asleep in front of the fire.

The cat is asleep behind the filing cabinet.

The baby is asleep with her arms around her favourite toy puppy.

Mr S is in a hotel room in Wimbledon, working.

I hate it when he’s away.  I’m not frightened in the house without him.  I’ve lived on my own for too many years to be frightened in a house on my own. And I have a big soft dog who does a great impression of Kujo and a very grumpy cat.

No. It’s just the quiet.  A little too much of it.

No rubbish TV programmes.  No kisses on my cheek as I cook dinner.  No stupid jokes.  No conversation.  No hugs.

No snoring.

Ah…I knew there had to be an upside!

That, and finally getting up into the workroom and finishing the last seam on the face fabric of the kitchen door curtain!

Ready for stitching!

I do miss him, but I do get stuff done!  Tomorrow night it’s hems until he gets home.  And he’s away 3 nights next week. So you never know.  I might actually finish this sooner rather than later.

Now.  Where’s that glass of wine I promised myself……..

2 Responses to It’s oh so quiet…shhhhh! shhhhh!

  1. Jane says:

    I’m the same when the boys are away. Enjoy being able to get more done and your glass of wine

  2. I understand the quiet….I feel it too when my husband is away , and like you I tend to get lots done 🙂 but am soooo happy when he’s back.
    That is very nice fabric for your curtains. I like the print.

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