It’s fashion, dahling

Summers-jeans21Start ’em young, I say.

Well, it’s been a busy weekend. And we couldn’t have done it without Dave and Simon’s muscles.  Thanks guys!  We are blessed with our friends.

Ma is safely ensconced in her new pad and it’s looking lovely already, despite the large piles of boxes.  We thought the big van was overkill…it wasn’t.

We won’t talk about the driving rain, high winds, accidents (not us, thankfully), broken windows (that was definitely us) and broken cookers that conspired against us!

Ma and Pa Stitches-in-Law have been chief babysitters all weekend, for which we are immensely grateful, and whilst Button was with them today Pa SIL took these pictures of Button’s new jeans. And her auditioning for Anna Wintour’s job, above! You may remember that I copied a pair of ready to wear to make the pattern.  I’ve added a little to the front for the next pair, but all in all, I’m pleased with the result.Summers-jeans32Summers-jeans22

3 Responses to It’s fashion, dahling

  1. Jane says:

    Quite the fashion queen, can remember my boys trying to balance glasses on their noses, lol

  2. Ah…her jeans are perfect! She is as always adorable.
    Nice to see the move is done and all went fairly well.

  3. Niece Stitches says:

    Aw bless her she is gorgeous!
    She is quite the poser isnt she – i think shes been taking lessons of her big cousin Rose – caught her the other day, with my handbag, my high heels on, my sunglasses on top of her head tootling bout the living room like she was the queen. What does she say to me when i catch her? “But I am a princess mummy”

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