Because some horrid, petty little bureaucrat feels that it’s more important to get out of work on time on a Friday, rather than spend an extra 10 minutes formalising the paperwork, our meeting with Summer is postponed.

10 minutes.

That’s all it would have taken.

But no, the pub (or whatever) is more important.

Well, Mr Jobsworth, I really hope that your weekend is everything you deserve.


PS – the incandescent of the title refers to me.  It’s how I feel.

PPS – we’ll know more on Tuesday.

5 Responses to Incandescent

  1. So sorry to hear that happened….that is so very petty and you know there are people out there that just don’t care.

  2. BlackPurl says:

    Aw, hon, I’m so sorry. I know the waiting is hard. We’re all (virtually) holding your hand. xx

  3. Linda (roxyrana on ravelry) says:

    I second BlackPurl,….. what a bummer ! We’re all holding our breath for you……… hopefully when you get Summer Mr Jobsworth will then develop a nice case of raging food poisoning or something equally as horrible.

  4. Julia Georgebear says:

    Oh crap!
    Big kisses and hugs, and furry paws from us here

  5. Julia Georgebear says:

    I’ve just cottoned on that my name here is Julia Georgebear! I may change it to that, what do you reckon? I could do Rick’s at the same time Rick Georgebear, I like it! Mr and Mrs Georgebear? or maybe The Drs Georgebear?
    with love and kisses
    Julia Georgebear

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