Ich spreche nicht Deutsch

Which might cause me a problem with my latest toy!

The Selfish Seamstress unselfishly posted about this company and I was suckered in!  Here’s why:

All images courtesy of www.schnittvision.de

So far, so droolingly gorgeous.  Especially as for these three lovelies I have fabric in my stash ideal for each piece. Some black stretch chino for the trousers.  A piece of black and cream Linton tweed for the jacket that I’ll make it work if it kills me.  Some lovely denim for the skirt.

But here’s the absolute best thing…the disc has 20 patterns on it.  AND you input your measurements into the software and print a pattern in your measurements.  Where has this been all my life.  It’s going to vastly reduce the amount of fiddling I have to do with the pattern before I get to muslin stage and hopefully will significantly reduce the number of tweaks required on the muslin.

So who cares if I don’t speak German.  That’s what on-line translation sites are for!

The worst part is that with the curtain and blind sewing and painting and decorating that I’ve got planned, plus the recommencement of my degree course next week, it’s going to be at least 6 weeks before I can get round to doing any dressmaking for myself.


At least I’ll have shifted the few pounds I’ve put on over Christmas plus hopefully a few more.  But still….I know what I’d rather be doing, and it’s not wallpapering and painting and home dec, that’s for sure.  But rest assured, you’ll be the first to know how I get on.


PS: The Selfish Seamstress continues to tempt us…the Weekend Designer is back with a new blog…and it’s all about the bags.  Check it out here, I’ll add a link to the blogroll too.  I think SS is going to have to change her name if she keeps sharing the love like this.


4 Responses to Ich spreche nicht Deutsch

  1. Jane says:

    They look fabulous, six weeks will soon pass

  2. You have so much to do to keep you busy that six weeks will go by so quickly and then you’ll be sewing up a storm.

    Is this a book you bought from the schnittvision.de site. I went on the site but couldn’t see it? It sounds very interesting.

    • Evie says:

      All the patterns come on CD-Roms. You load it on your PC, input your measurements and print. There are 7 different packages, all with different patterns in them.

  3. Stacey says:

    You have to keep us posted as to how this goes! I talked myself out of buying the CDs, mostly because I haven’t had any time to do any real sewing, and now I regret it. So now I’ve promised myself one as a treat at the end of the school year (I teach science to 12 year olds), because I hope to have some free time then.

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