I think I’ve started something

Following Mr S’s birthday trip to Bentham Pottery there has been a lot of scouting on eBay for a second hand potter’s wheel and kiln. (Obviously he’s been doing that.  I’m far too busy hunting down Crown Stockholm and Poole pottery, and drooling over vintage sewing machines that I have absolutely no room for.)

He’s even threatened to clear all the junk from the garage to make room for said wheel and kiln.

But it all hinged on today.

Because today he spent the whole day having one-to-one tuition with Lee at Bentham.

He threw 45 pots.

He’s bringing these 4 home when they’ve been fired (‘scuse fuzzy iPhone photos)He seems to have a real knack for this.

I’d happily pay good money for any of those in a shop.   I know I’m biased but I do think these are pretty darned amazing…even more so when you realise that he’s been doing this for less than 10 hours.

Smarty pants!

(All the lovely ones lurking in the background are his too, but he had to choose 4.   I feel sad for the ones left behind.  I’d have found them jolly good homes.)

So, I’ve a feeling I’m going to become a pottery widow.

With a very tidy garage!

Shame *wink*

6 Responses to I think I’ve started something

  1. Oh they look lovely!
    What a great hobby/business 😉 this would be!

  2. Sandy says:

    Omigosh, those are lovely. I can think of much, much worse things than being a pottery widow, especially if you get to keep some of those beauties!

  3. Jane says:

    He could get a production line going. Oh what fun there’s going to be

  4. KC says:

    Those really are beautiful! So earthy yet elegant!

  5. Oh My God! Those are absolutely incredible!!!Love the tall one! Can’t believe that that is after 2 sessions. Must be a natural gift!

  6. pendlestitches says:

    You guys are too kind. Mr S has read your comments and is equal parts blushing and super inspired. I can’t wait to see how his talent progresses with practice.

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