I blame Dolly Clackett!

Oh that Roisin!  She makes the most adorable dresses.  Most recently this little beauty.

dolly paris dress

Picture kindly allowed by Dolly Clackett, with thanks.

Isn’t it glorious!

Blue and white and Eiffel Towers and flowers.  Just perfect.

eiffel fabric

As soon as I saw this dress I was off on the hunt on the interwebs, and within 15 minutes I’d tracked down the fabric and bought myself 2.5 metres. Shameless plagiarism, I know, but I couldn’t resist.

If you’d like to get your mitts on some, I ordered mine from The Fabric Frieze on eBay.  It’s the first time I’ve ordered from this seller so she’s an unknown quantity, but her response to emails today was super speedy, which I always think is a good sign.

It will kick start me into working through the Sew the Perfect Fit course on Craftsy. So it seems that the sewing gods have made the decision for me.


I will fit Version D of this dress at toile stage, as per the course…that’s the straight skirted version with sleeves.  It will mean that I have all the elements fitted for future reference.

V8766However, with the Eiffel fabric, I plan on making a hybrid of the sleeveless bodice from Version D and the full skirt from Version F.

V8766 flatsOf course, this will also kick-start me into action and into finally finishing the Knit to Flatter course.


I’ve been procrastinating over the last few lessons of this course.  I’m at the tricky maths stage which includes a yarn substitution that is sending me into a bit of a tailspin.  I just need to bite the bullet and do the work.

I think the starting is the hardest part!

Wish me luck.

13 Responses to I blame Dolly Clackett!

  1. Jane G says:

    What a lovely dress,can’t wait to see your version. Hope it goes well

    • Roisin makes the most lovely dresses…and she’s being very gracious about me stealing her design ideas. I’ve just finished watching the last episode of Knit to Flatter, so just some maths to do and I can cast on. And then crack on with the dress fitting course.

  2. Tiffany says:

    I love that dress. The classic shape with the fun fabric make me want to go to Paris, read some Shakespeare and drink some wine in a park. Or maybe pretend I’m in Paris. So pretty and feminine. It would also be really great on a number of figures.


    • Yep…that’s pretty much what I fancy doing too. Although most day’s I fancy being in Paris. 😉
      I’m excited about the Vogue pattern because once it’s fitted it will make a great basic shell for fitting other patterns and for designing my own garments. That’s the idea, anyway!

  3. It’s gorgeous! I’ve jsut signed up on Craftsy for the serger course (someone gave me one and I have no idea how to use it!) and the plus size fitting course…very exciting 🙂

  4. Gorgeous dress pattern… can’t wait to see it made up!

  5. Gjeometry says:

    What fabulous fabric! AND, I have the exact same fabric and will be sewing version F of that dress. Are you going to be putting lace on top of yours?

    • I love version F! I’ll get more wear out of the sleeveless version with a little cardigan. Can’t wait to see your version. I’m not using a lace overlay so it will be great to see how that works out.

      • Gjeometry says:

        Cool! I’ve actually never sewn with lace, so a tad nervous that I will be using it to cover the ENTIRE dress. But, think it will make it very “party dress” looking, so want to do it. We shall be in touch and exchange finished items soon. I will be starting mine in July.

        • I’ve never sewn with lace either so I’m keen to see how this works out for you. I think it will be exquisite! I suspect I won’t start work on mine till around July either. Good luck!

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