How to make damson vodka

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When the husband and I honeymooned, Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat packed us a hamper full of goodies, including a bottle of sloe gin.  Then Lara Croft gave us a Christmas hamper full of fruit liquors that I can’t remember the names of but remember how much we enjoyed them.


My conversion to fruit liquors was complete so it was very odd that when my friend Linda picked me a bag of wild damsons last autumn  I planned to make jam from. But the way to hell is paved with good intentions and the damsons have lurked at the bottom of the freezer ever since.

Until today…when I saw sense and realised that what they really want to be is damson vodka.

If the damsons actually want to be jam, well it’s just hard luck, because they’re going to be vodka. I’ve been completely spoiled by the generosity of friends, and quite frankly, the weather has a wonderful and much anticipated autumnal nip to it at the moment that has me thinking of warming drinks that aren’t necessary tea.

At this point in proceedings I need to own up that I’ve never actually made the stuff…just happily slurped sipped a glass or two on a cold wintery evening to lubricate the knitting and ward off chills.  But I figured it couldn’t be that hard.

I was right.

Three ingredients.

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Four if you count time.

Vodka.  Of course!  Although you could also use gin if you’re that way inclined.  It will be equally wondrous.

damson vodka-1-1

Damsons.  Or it would be plain ole “vodka”, amiright?

Note the soft, wrinkly skins…the freezer has done all the work and I don’t need to prick the little darlings.  Bonus!

damson vodka-1

Sugar.  I used good old fashioned caster sugar.

damson vodka-1-2

Put them all together in a the biggest Kilner jar you can find, sit back and wait.  And wait.  Aaaaaaand wait a wee bit more.

damson vodka-1-4

Oh, how creepy is that photo?

Hugh Fearnly-Whitingstall’s recipe tells me this will reap about 1.5 litres of damson vodka.

Time will tell.


6 Responses to How to make damson vodka

  1. judehanlon says:

    The vodka you’ve used is too high quality. For a truly impressive transformation, you need to get the cheap-as-chips own brand paint-stripper. Anything better is a waste of ££s 😉
    (p.s. also works on gin)
    ALSO, if you have elderberries in your vicinity, elderberry gin is A Thing, which I will be trying this year…

    • Evie says:

      If it’s any consolation this is the second bottle of vodka we bought for this purpose. I can’t imagine what happened to the first…
      And this one was only two-thirds full and I had to buy some more.
      Sigh…must be the unseasonally warm autumn weather causing it to evaporate.
      As for elderberry gin…I’m sure I can hunt some down 😉

  2. Vicki Kate says:

    That colour in the last photo is glorious! I can’t wait to see how much deeper it becomes with time… And quite frankly jam involves far more effort and this involves far less but will be just as (if not more!) rewarding!! I have to admit that I’d have gone the gin route though 😉

    • Evie says:

      I was outvoted on the gin by the hubby. But I’m up for trying Jude’s elderflower gin!
      That last photo reminds me of the opening credits of “True Blood”!

  3. This looks fabulous. One very boozy New Year me, my brother and his friends bought about 8 bottles of vodka as we had decided to make the flavoured ones using loads of sweeties and a blender. They were brilliant – Cola Cubes and Cola Bottles, Parma Violet, Sherbet Lemon, Soor Plooms. The only ones that were a bit “thick” were the Chocolate Orange and the Mars Bar. Was great fun. I am sure your Damson one will be amazing and definitely one of your “5-a-day” with all that fruit! 😉 xx

    • Evie says:

      Please invite me next time you decide to experiment…it sounds like my kind of party. I’m reliably informed that the Mars Bar/Chocolate Orange concoctions make great frozen vodka shots. I’m not entirely sure why I’ve never tested the theory… 😉

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