Over the past year Ma and I have become quilters.  And, as with all new skills, as you progress you learn new things.

What I’ve learned is that if I’m at my sewing machine I want to be making clothes.  Not quilts. However, I’ve also learned that I love hand sewing quilts. Phew.  Quilts are too lovely to abandon completely.

So, much as I’d like to crack on with another North Country quilt, I have another project that’s been waiting for my attention:

Aren’t they just adorable?

Nearly a thousand beautiful little hexies waiting to be sewn.

I have to add at this point that I didn’t cut these out.  Ma did.  Isn’t she amazing?  Thanks Ma!

I made a start last night.

This is definitely a slow project.  Perfect for evenings curled up by the fire with The Husband and a movie.

But I know I’m going to enjoy every single stitch.


The Husband was most cross that I was starting another quilt.

Until I put his mind at rest that this one is destined to be a sofa quilt.

The Wedding Quilt is staying firmly on our bed.

He’s happy now!



7 Responses to Hex

  1. Jane says:

    Oh, how patient she must be to cut all those out. She deserves a medal! I love stitching the hexies, have fun with them

    • Evie says:

      She’s a saint. She is always on hand for the less exciting jobs. And I really do appreciate it.

      I’ve got to say I’m already finding them addictive!!! Good job really, as there are so many of them.

  2. Like you I love hand stitching but cutting out…not so much! I also have no idea about the actual “quilting” part. One day, one day!

  3. Evie says:

    The fun part of this quilt is you sew all the little hexies together. Fun part 1.

    When you have the completed quilt top you then hand quilt by sewing around the inside of each little hex! Fun part 2.

    Reading this back…I suspect that I may need therapy. But I can’t help feeling happy at the thought of a quilt completely made by hand (except for sewing the binding on…I draw the line at that).

    Maybe I’m just crazy!

  4. Sue Taylor says:

    So exciting, that feeling of starting a new project. I have just started a new cross stitch project and want to be sewing all the time. Hand made anything is so relaxing to make and so satisfying when you have finished. Look forward to seeing the finished object

    • Evie says:

      Oh I haven’t done a cross stitch in a while. But I’m very obsessed with these little guys at the moment. They’re very easy to pick up and put down when you only have a few minutes. Perfect!

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