Guest La Mia Boutique reviewer

I am really happy to say that I was recently asked by Silvia, the Sewing Princess, to be her first Guest Reviewer for her monthly La Mia Boutique magazine review.


I’ve loved the reviews that she had done up till now with Anna of La Paunnet. Sadly, Anna’s schedule precludes her from continuing with the joint reviews with Silvia.

I, obviously, jumped at the chance.  I adore Silvia’s blog…she’s got amazing skills and exquisite taste, and having met her IRL, I can tell you she’s just a delightful person.


You can read our review here.

Let’s just say, I’d love a copy of this magazine for myself.  Thankfully Silvia has 2 copies to giveaway.

What are you waiting for?  Off you go… 😉


12 Responses to Guest La Mia Boutique reviewer

  1. Jane G says:

    Well done. Very professional!

  2. Vicki Kate says:

    I really enjoyed your joint review! Bravo!

  3. Evie, I was so happy to have you! Just let me know whenever you want to do it again.

  4. Andrea says:

    I did read the review – thanks for lending your voice to it. I must confess that reading it made me want to meet you two for a coffee to chat for hours on end about sewing, fashion and life in general.

  5. What fun – well done to you!

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