Gruffalo hunting

Our part of the world is not the epicentre of the social whirl, but we do have a great public park that we use several times a week.

The kids love it.

It’s a great space.

And it has a Deep Dark Wood.

So obviously there must be a Gruffalo, no?

Button runs faster....she's already through the gate and heading for the Deep Dark Wood

Button and Daddy bravely lead the way. Archie works hard sniffing out those pesky Gruffalos.

Where can he be hiding?

I'm not afraid of a Gruffalo!

Come on Daddy....keep up! He's got to be here somewhere!

Do Gruffalos live under bridges...or is that Trolls?

Gruffalo hunting is awful tiring!

Gratuitous shot of my handsome boys.

The G Team! I LOVE these guys!

3 Responses to Gruffalo hunting

  1. Love the matching sweaters! Archie looks such a purposeful little chap, bet he could sort out any number of Gruffalos.

  2. Lisa says:

    Can I just say what a beautiful family you are !!! We are huge Gruffalo fans here too !

    • PendleStitches says:

      Its impossible not to love the Gruffalo. That last photo is my absolute favourite of them and sits in the centre of my mantelpiece to make me smile every day.

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