Christmas 2007

Christmas 2007

Yesterday was my father’s funeral.

As Summer is so newly home we couldn’t go – it would have just been too much for her.

As it was, it was all a bit too much for me.  

We made a short trip to buy yarn for a hat for Summer as a distractionary tactic.  It didn’t work.  It was just the saddest day.

Pa Stitches often drove me to distraction (isn’t that in the job description for parents), but all I can remember now are the good times.

I’m remembering the Christmases, birthdays and outings we spent together as a family.

The day he snuck off with Mr S to buy my engagement ring.

The trips we took with him when we were kids (including the one with the flying frying pan…a story for another time).

The stories he told…over and over and over and over again!  

How good he was at Trivial Pursuits.  Especially the travel and literature questions.  Ma is the history demon!

How we could be anywhere, including a ferry in the middle of the sea between England and France, and still bump into someone he knew.

A million little ways to remember him.

I miss him.

2 Responses to Goodbye

  1. xtiand says:

    I know yesterday was a terribly sad day for you but how lovely that it’s the happy memories you keep remembering. They are the thoughts you can pass on to Summer so that she knows what her Grandad was like and how much he would have loved her.
    Look after yourself and remember your friends are here for you whenever you need us.

  2. BlackPurl says:

    Yes, the good memories, the happy, funny, silly, memories, the “things that made Dad, Dad” memories are the ones to hang on to and think about at a time like this. I’m sorry that you couldn’t be there, but glad that you got to spend the day with your lovely new daughter.

    You know that we’re here if you need us to (try to) make you laugh, hold your hand while you cry, whatever you need.

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