We’re going to the Cake and Bake Show

You know I like baking, no?

And that Mr Stitch is more than a bit keen on bread (even if he is the worst blogger in the world, evah!)?

I thought so.

Well, I stumbled across this event on the interwebs…

cake and bake

Now I’d never heard of this show, but I decided to check it out and am glad I did.

There’s The Marketplace…


Taste your way around the country’s top artisan bakers and cake makers in The Cake & Bake Show Marketplace, where you will find market stalls showcasing enough freshly baked produce to satisfy even the most insatiable food lover…

I don’t mind if I do.  I know The Husband isn’t averse to this kind of thing either!

Then there’s The Exhibition…


offering a one stop shop for those wishing to source all the tools of the trade from the country’s top suppliers, with a host of fun, free interactive features from leading brands in the industry…

Oh! Oh! Shopping!

There’s also a host of other interesting stuff as well.

We’ve signed up for a couple of classes each.  Mr S is going to the bread kitchens, I’m going to the cake kitchens.

One of my classes is a cup cake masterclass with Eric Lanlard…


Cakes with a Frenchman.

I swoon!

I’m also taking a macaron workshop with Reshmi Bennett of Anges de Sucre.macarons

Can you believe I’ve never made a macaron?  Me neither!  I suspect mine won’t look like that!

I’m really looking forward to this.

I get to spend a day with my gorgeous husband surrounded by foodie inspiration and hopefully pick up some new hints and tips for my own kitchen. Marvellous.

And, in case you’re not in the North…there’s a London show too in September. Check it out here.  See…I’m such a public servant! 😉

I shall, of course, bore you to tears report back after the event!

7 Responses to We’re going to the Cake and Bake Show

  1. I really can’t see the attraction of the workshop with Monsieur Lanlard. Oh, hang on, have just put my specs on…. 😉 But hey. you’re going for the cooking, right?!

  2. Andrea says:

    Wow, this looks awesome! And you are going to learn how to make macaroons? THAT is just the bomb. A friend of mine bought a step-by-step instructions book but they never turned out for us. I suspect that is one of those things where you need to see it live to master it. Have a great time!

  3. Jane G says:

    Have a great time, so lovely that you can go together

  4. Melizza says:

    So so jealous. I would totally invited myself to tag along with you if I was still in the UK. This event sounds like a dream!

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