Go, go, Gertie

We hadn’t planned to go on holiday this year.

We had planned to start a big project of work on the house that is going to need quite a bit of expenditure.

But then along came Gertie!

GertieGertie’s Adventures is Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat’s exciting new venture.  So during the last week of August we shall be near the beach in Devon, and the woman who said she would never, ever go camping again (that’s me) will be…camping.

gertie2Although, lets’ face it, this is slightly significantly more glamorous than a tent and a fly sheet in a field in Northern England, which was my last experience of camping 30 years ago!

gertie3At the moment you can keep up with the adventures of Gertie and, of course, book her for your own adventures, via her Facebook page and Twitter feed.  It’s definitely worth it because there’s the chance to win a free weekend with her up there right now.

I’m off to check out campsites.  😉

15 Responses to Go, go, Gertie

  1. Jane G says:

    Oh, my boys will be so jealous, this is our dream! Have a lovely break when you go

  2. grtescp says:

    oh she’s gorgeous, I think I have dreamed of a VW camper van all my life! Instead I am stuck in the midst of major home renovations (that probably would have bought me a van!)

  3. How lovely. Do have a wonderful time!

  4. Oh my that sounds like the ultimate adventure! I’ve never been camping except once in a wooden bungalow (e.g camping for the newbies). But I remember clearly as I child I was super fascinated by that. I will surely follow your adventure… Take loads of pics 😉

  5. Anne W says:

    Whoop, we may bump into you then! We’ll be near Bude, but on the Devon side of the border that week! I’m going to try to take the sewing machine, or at the very least, a pile of Burdas & tracing paper! Enjoy your week away!

  6. mandymunroe says:

    I’m loving Gertie, very jealous! Will check out her fb page:)

  7. Tiffany says:

    Cool! I love camping. I hope you have in your return to camping.

  8. Colleen says:

    LOVING that camper! Please share pics of the inside. My husband and I are hoping to invest in one someday. They’re great for glamping 😉

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