Fair Isle

I love Fair Isle knits.

300I love the intricacy of the designs.

flooertopI love the sense of tradition and heritage.

sheepheidside1I love intarsia too.

boreal2Frankly, though, I’m crap at knitting either of them!

Can’t get the tension even.  Can’t avoid squooshed up stitches or saggy threads or holey bits.

In April all that will change.

Lara Croft and I have done it and signed up for the Knitting with Colour workshop at baa ram ewe in Leeds.

image courtesy of baa ram ewe

image courtesy of baa ram ewe

We are inappropriately squeaky with excitement at the prospect.  This is something I’ve wanted to crack for more years than I care to remember and LC is just the most fun to spend a day with.

I simply can’t wait.


PS….all the pictures of the divine knits are courtesy of the wonderful 

Kate Davies.


6 Responses to Fair Isle

  1. Sue Taylor says:

    Have managed to knit fairisle, but intarsia is more tricky.Can’t be doing with all those bobbins.

  2. My very first Saturday job was in a hugely posh knitwear shop in the Burlington Arcade (ooh, get me!) selling cashmere, fair isle and intarsia. On my salary (which was pretty good compared to my pals working in Boots and Woolies) I still couldn´t afford any of the lovely stuff 🙁 Hope you have a wonderful time on your workshop 🙂

  3. Boisterousness and knitting – lovely lovely. Please do share some of the secrets of managing multiple colours without losing your mind? Unless you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement of course. I’ve tried infinitely less complicated multi-coloured knits and lasted a few rows before hurling the tangled messes into a dusty corner.

    • I’ll be happy to share what I can…assuming I don’t become a bear of very little brain and sit there knotted to the chair with my pitiful attempts. I have to learn as I have yarn and pattern waiting to be made into delicious mittens for moi! hell of an incentive…

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