Extreme toddler sports – fencing

With the Olympics nearly upon us Button has taken up fencing.

Yes, that is the head of a rocking horse she’s standing on.

No, it’s not wedged against anything.

Yes, I do have grey hair!




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  1. Good to get them started early on being a nosey neighbour…it´s a national hobby round here! We bought that same rockng horse for a pal´s little boy called Jonny, and now everyone calls him Rockin´Jonny 🙂 Love her dress by the way….very pretty indeed and the boots work well with it…she´s really working that hippy chic look!

    • PendleStitches says:

      She’ll fit right in here. Our neighbour knows everything that’s going on in a 5 mile radius! She did look decidedly cute today. Thankfully you couldn’t see the front of the dress which was more than a little muddy. I’m awfully grateful for fabric wash!

  2. Jane says:

    She’s very resourceful, lol. I shouldn’t have any hair left after the exploits of the boys over the years, but somehow, it’s still there

    • PendleStitches says:

      She’s definitely that! I’m usually part terrified and part in awe of her problem solving skills when she pulls a stunt like this!

  3. I hope the neighbour enjoys chatting! Very very cute, and clever!!

    My two did that sort of thing all the time though it was generally hanging out of windows and standing on the back of chairs that got my hair lighter. Fortunately our neighbour loves to chat with toddler/little ones.

    • PendleStitches says:

      Our neighbours are lovely and their little boy goes to nursery with ours, so they all chat to each other all the time. I have to lock the bedroom windows because they spend half their lives in the windows watching the world going by. Terrifying. They also pull drawers out to climb up cabinets. Eeeek!

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