Extreme toddler sport – sofa sliding

You climb upthen you slide (or more appropriately, shuffle, but who cares) downI’m ridiculously proud of their ingenuity in coming up with new and vaguely dangerous ways to play.  God help me when they discover trees!

4 Responses to Extreme toddler sport – sofa sliding

  1. Jane says:

    believe me, trees last for a very long time. I now tell the boys, if you got up you can get down! Such a cruel mum.
    I love the things your kids get up to. One of my favourites as a child was sitting in a sleeping bag and sliding down the stairs, lol

  2. mum says:

    Your aunt and I used to climb on the back of the sofa till it fell backwards then on the seat till it came forward. great fun till we were caught by your grandma.

  3. Jenny says:

    Lol, love it. Oh to be that age! x

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