Ethan – Made by Ma!

I love Sirdar Crofter yarn.  It looks cute and is one of those yarns you can just chuck in the washing machine and tumble dryer without batting an eyelash.

So we’re thrilled to bits with The Boy’s latest sweater.The pattern is Ethan from Patons Play Days Book 4It’s perfect for playing in the park.  Thanks Ma!

4 Responses to Ethan – Made by Ma!

  1. He is adorable and what a gorgeous smile…the sweater is beautiful….makes me wish I could knit 🙂

  2. Xtiand says:

    Don’t let Paul see that sweater, he’s got Crofter socks the same colour and will want a matching sweater! The boy looks a picture as always, he’s definitely going to be in demand for boy bands in a few years!

  3. pendlestitches says:

    He is a cutie. He’d look good in a bin bag but I prefer this darling sweater.

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