Elegance & Elephants Ruffle Tunic Top – FO 02/2013

Last week I was giddy with excitement to be chosen as one of the pattern testers for the new Ruffle Tunic Top for Elegance & Elephants.   It’s Heidi’s first PDF pattern (hopefully the first of many) and it’s just delightful.

ruffle collage 2Each of the 3 versions, tunic top, A Line dress and swing dress are adorable. Can’t you see the swing dress in cotton voile or eyelet for summer birthday parties?

For the testing I made the A Line dress from some cute nautical print cotton that I’d been gifted by Himmelbjerget.


I’m not the worlds speediest seamstress, but even I had this dress sewn and on a small girl within an afternoon. I was amazed!

IMG_7243_edited-1The pattern is so beautifully drafted and it’s a joy to sew.  It’s hard to believe this is Heidi’s first pattern…she’s done an amazing job on it.  I’ve sewn PDFs for the kids from several independent companies and this is without a doubt the best drafting of them all.


The ruffles add a cute edge to the styling…and wouldn’t they look great in contrasting fabric?


You could also add contrast neck binding and ties.  And piping at the princess seams.  So many options!


There are no zips or buttonholes or tricky fastenings. The instructions are clear with great photos to help you along. This dress could easily be sewn by a confident beginner with great results.

And although I tested the age 6 pattern, which I’d thought would absolutely drown Button as she’s so petite, the ties at the back cinch it in nicely so she can wear it now, with room to grow.

IMG_7264_edited-1Which is a relief, because she absolutely loves this dress…and it passed the twirl test.  Which, as we all know is the most important test of all!

I’m delighted to say that this pattern will be on sale next week.  If I were you I’d be hanging around Elegance & Elephants until it becomes available, then nab your pattern as soon as possible. Or maybe just follow her blog and FB so you don’t miss out.

Either way,  I think you’ll love this pattern as much as we do.

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26 Responses to Elegance & Elephants Ruffle Tunic Top – FO 02/2013

  1. Wow..thank you so much for this lovely post, Evie! I still can’t get over how beautiful your dress turned out!

  2. Bardieboo says:

    Gorgeous! And I think that more stuff in life should be “twirl tested” … You know, just to make sure 🙂

  3. Gail says:

    Absolutely adorable!

  4. K-Line says:

    OK, your child is the cutest thing on the planet. Those cheeks! That hair! The adorable dress! How do you resist biting her??

  5. Jane G says:

    Beautiful, love the detail on the sleeve. Can’t wait to see the other versions

  6. That’s beautiful, I love all the little details. My how tall she’s getting what a sophisticated “up do” she is wearing…tres chic et tres mignonne 🙂

    • Daddy is not at all please with these photos….toooooooo grown up for his taste! But she’s adorable, no? I think we’re going to have our hands full with this one as she grows up! 😉

  7. I think i should hand over all my fabric for you to make dresses for Button, it always looks so much better on her than what I had in mind for it! That dress is lovely, I wonder if there could be an adult size version of the pattern then we could all twirl!

  8. Liara says:

    Now that is a cute pattern! I wish my daughter would wear dresses. I love how the neckline is finished with the bindings and I absolutely love the sleeves. You did a great job sewing it up too!

    • Ah…but the cunning part of this pattern is that you can make the top…with jeans or leggings it would be adorable. And if Heidi puts together her cute shorts pattern, it’s a match made in heaven!

  9. The dress is really gorgeous, lovely how it turned out. And she really looks adorable! You chould make a mommy matching outfit…

  10. Sally says:

    I was a fellow tester and found your blog on Heidi’s rundown. I spent a little bit of time looking around and love all that you do! You are quite a talented woman. This dress is adorable and looks great on your daughter.

    • Hi Sally, thank you for dropping by and for such a wonderful comment. You’re very kind. Rest assured I’ll be reciprocating over the weekend (and the other testers)…I feel very honoured to be in such stellar company.

  11. Susan says:

    So adorable! What a great pattern. She looks so precious — love the up-do!

    • The up-do was her request…which I find slightly terrifying. She’s growing up waaaaaaay to fast for my taste.
      But the dress is lovely and I’m planning to make the tunic as soon as I get chance to scout for fabric for her.

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  13. Oh look at your little model. She has her hair up and smile on and Everything. Oh, sorry the dress? Yes. The dress. Lovely little thing it is too and I can see my two loving it. I shall have to go a stalking. Of the dress that is 🙂

    • Don’t encourage her! She’s a Proper Little Madam! 😉 The pattern is on sale now, and there may be a little giveaway here later this week….ssssssssh…it’s a secret!

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