Elegance & Elephants Bubble Pocket Shorts – FO 4/2013

Oh, that Heidi! She’s a marvel!


She makes the most delicious patterns.

bpsHot on the heels of the fabulous Ruffle Top pattern, today she’s launching the much anticipated Bubble Pocket Shorts pattern.

I swoon!

I was delighted to be asked to participate in pattern testing them.  Lucky me!

IMG_7701_edited-1Hot pink embroidered cotton.

IMG_7759_edited-1They are too adorable for words. I just know this will be my go-to pattern for the summer.

IMG_7717_edited-1These shorts are a joy to make – simple and straightforward to sew.  The pattern is beautifully drafted and the PDF is so well tiled. The pattern pieces tape together perfectly and in a jiffy.

You can go from inbox to completed in a gentle afternoon’s sewing.  With tea breaks.

IMG_7716_edited-1Heidi’s instructions are a joy!  Clear, detailed and beautifully illustrated with step-by-step photographs.  She holds your hand every step of the way.  I would recommend this pattern to any confident beginner.  The Sailor version might need a bit more experience, but the Classic version, shown here, are really not at all difficult…if you can sew straight lines and insert elastic, I promise you that you can make these shorts.

IMG_7681_edited-1One word of warning, though…when you do make them you’ll have no end of trouble getting your little fashionista to take them off.  We nearly had tears, she loves them so much.

And you’ll have to make her a matching ruffle top tunic too!  More of that when I can convince madam to partake in a photoshoot (stroppy little minx!).

But I can deal with that…and I recommend you dash off now and get your copy.  New shorts for the weekend, anybody?

19 Responses to Elegance & Elephants Bubble Pocket Shorts – FO 4/2013

  1. Jane G says:

    She’s a professional,lol. Lovely shorts,all we need now is some warm weather

  2. K-Line says:

    Eeek, that kid is SOOOO adorable. And you can see the beginnings of kid legs (vs baby legs). That’s such a cute developmental moment. They’re like gazelles at that age. Now, the shorts are also the cutest and extremely practical.

    • She’s growing waaaaaaay too fast! She’s all long limbs at the moment even though she’s still short for her age. We’re going to be beating boys off with a stick before long. I love these shorts – cute and modest….perfect.

  3. Susan says:

    Oh those shorts… The fabric… The model… All adorable! 🙂 I like pdf patterns, but have yet to do one that fit together perfectly, so that’s saying a lot!

  4. They’re very cute – much like your model! Now, if only I had a lil’un to make clothes for.

  5. She’s a natural and I love her top too – did you make that?

  6. Rachel says:

    Oh the cuteness! Just picked up the pattern, I’m super excited to sew it up, even if she won’t be wearing them for weeks around here yet 🙂

  7. Anne W says:

    How cute are these?!?! I need someone small to make them for, they’re adorable!

  8. Oh look at your little lady …. I don’t blame her for not wanting to take the shorts off. Nope. Don’t blame her at all. In fact, they’d be fine for PJs right? Right? LOL

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