When cutting out the tab for your top, make sure you cut it from waste fabric…not the front of the top!!!!!


After I’d stopped kicking myself round the sewing room I checked the left over fabric

and had a piece big enough to cut out another front.


So Button won’t be getting a new dress too!

But as I custom dyed this fabric I was pretty screwed otherwise.


7 Responses to Eejit!

  1. Oh no – do you have enough to carry on with the project?! Am, just looking through patterns right now to make a dress for a wedding I´m going to in April and was thinking of you – will need some advice re making a petticoat…

    • Evie says:

      Thankfully I did have enough, but poor Button will have to forego a dress in the same fabric. I shall buy her something just for her instead.

      My advice re making a petticcoat….don’t!!!!!! 😉 Seriously. I bought mine for the wedding on eBay for under £20 and altered it to length. Life is too short.

      But if you’re determined I’m sure I can find the links I had at the time to some great tutorials.

      • Sound advice! If they´re that cheap, I think it will be easier to buy one. Got as far as starting to cut out the pattern for my dress and the bodice bit was missing…hmph! Have contacted Simplicity but haven´t heard back from them yet, but am hoping they will mail me the bit I need…PS. Poor little Button, but I´m sure you´ll get her something gorgeous instead 🙂

  2. sandysewin says:

    I HATE it when I do that….

    Time to get creative! (Or buy more fabric.)

  3. Jane says:

    Oh no. Hope you had more

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