DIY – again!

Having done the bulk of the renovations on the house last year, we’ve been studiously ignoring the unfinished jobs.  The house has been eminently livable since last September, but the urgency of a Social Services inspection that drove us so hard last summer has been missing.

Now that the adoption is approved its time to get our act together and get things finished.  Last week we sat down and drew up a task list of everything that was outstanding.  Mr S converted this list into a project plan:

and we’ve spent the weekend crossing things off of the list.  There’s still about 44 days of work left, but we’re making progress.

The big task for me this weekend has been to start painting some marmalade coloured furniture.  We’ve mixed equal amounts of paint and PVA glue and just rollered it on.  The good thing about this mix is that you don’t have to spend hours sanding down, it adheres to the surface and to itself.  I’m not particularly fond of sanding, so this is a good thing.

Whilst the first coat looks pretty crappy:


Wardrobe with one coat of paint

Wardrobe with one coat of paint

by the time you have five coats (which doesn’t take as long as you’d think, and you can go off and do other stuff whilst it dries), the finished result is pretty cool:


Finished chest of drawers

Finished chest of drawers

and much better than the original article:00320051

I’m planning to get a few more coats onto the wardrobe today and then I’m off to Surrey to visit Ma and Pa Stitches.  Pa S is in hosptial have developed pneumonia, so today is painting as a diversionary tactic, keeping myself occupied until we hit the road.

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