Craftsy Classes Quandary

Oh Craftsy…what are you doing to me?

You know that I was all geared up to do the Sew the Perfect Fit course:stpfAnd then you go and bring out Fast Track Fitting:

fast track fittingWhat’s a girl to do?

I have to say that whereas Perfect Fit makes a muslin based on your basic sizes and then makes all the alterations on the muslin, the Fast Track Fitting does flat pattern alterations before making a muslin.  I suspect this would be easier to do if you don’t have a skilled fitting buddy at your beck and call, makes a great deal of sense to me, and probably needs fewer muslins, which would make the whole process more time and cost effective.

Also, they use the fitting pattern from Vogue, so you do end up with a full set of fitted blocks (slopers) at the end of it.  Which is something I’m really keen to have.

And to make things worse, they’ve also added Adjust the Bust:

titleCardThis covers the how and why of full and small bust adjustments, including my beloved princess seams.

Thankfully I’m not sewing much at the moment so I’ve time to make a decision. However I suspect that my original plan of Sew the Perfect Fit might be changing. 😉

Damn you Craftsy and your fabulous courses.

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  1. Marianne says:

    Go for Joi! She gives you great tips on adjusting the flat pattern, which is an enormous time saver. I did the Lynda Maynard course as well. It is nice, but impossible to do without a sewing buddy. And I’m not into making two muslins for one dress… I did not enroll for Adjust the bust, cause the Joi Mahon course covers bust adjustment brilliantly!

    • I really, really appreciate this feedback. The lack of a fitting buddy on hand has really put a kink in me starting Lynda’s course. if you’ve got the basics in place it’s easier to fine tune a muslin than start from scratch.

      • Marianne says:

        It really works! When it comes to fitting the bust Joi makes you measure shoulder to apex, apex to side seam, apex to apex, apex to waist and more. It made me understand why my FBA’s did not work: I added extra room at a wrong part of the pattern. No more trial and error on muslins, checking your
        measurements makes adapting various styles a lot easier.

        • Fantastic. I’m determined to crack fit this year and hopefully this will take me a long way. I also want to have a set of basic blocks for tops, skirts and trousers so I can have a go a “designing” my own garments, and also to help with fitting commercial patterns. I’ve have the trousers almost there…maybe soon I’ll have the rest of them. Woot!

  2. dokucug says:

    I’ve been having the same quandry! So I’m very happy to read Marianne’s comment!

  3. K-Line says:

    Honestly, you had to tell me this?! I’ve watched all of 10 minutes of the Sew the Perfect Fit. Now, no doubt, I’m off to buy the other two. Hmmm…

  4. Susan says:

    Yeah, now I need this Fast-Track Fitting class. 😉 I excel at buying Craftsy classes and then siiiiiiiittting on them for a long time!

  5. Nothy says:

    I enrolled in all three- let me explain, I watch these over my lunch hour in order to have something to do that keeps me out of the staffroom because there are so many in-fights on my staff and for my own sanity I need to stay away from all that – and Joi’s is the most helpful for fitting. If you were going to take two, the second choice, in my opinion, would be the fitting class and finally the bust adjustment class. Or you could take joi’s then wait a year until prices go down and take the other two….I find crftsy classes are fabulous.

    • I swear I don’t miss office politics! Craftsy is a find alternative! I really appreciate your feedback…it tipped me over the edge and Joi’s class is now on My Craftsy. 😀

  6. Zoe says:

    Anything that gets you out of making muslins is a winner in my book! And the idea of a full set of slopers is also very tempting.

  7. Oh hell, I am supposed to have a sewing budget. Make that a Budget.

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