Conversation with a small girl

Over breakfast this morning, and the din of Boy racing round the house shrieking like a Banshee, Button asked me if I was working today.

Me:     No, I’ve got a lovely day of sewing planned.

B:        What are you making?

Me:     A dress.

B:        For me????

Cue big blue eyes and a hopeful expression.

Me:     No, sweetie, this one’s for me.

B:        But Mummy, you’ve got at least four things in your wardrobe and I have absolutely nothing to wear.

In tone of absolute astonishment and dismay.

I have created a monster!

20 Responses to Conversation with a small girl

  1. K-Line says:

    Oh, this is going to be a problem! 🙂 I do love the perfectly natural entitlement of children. I mean, you already have 4 things. Why would you sew more for yourself??

    • Evie says:

      Can you imagine what she’s going to be like when she’s 16??????? Oh, good grief!
      I’m obviously the most selfish mother in the world *rolls eyes*

  2. Gail says:

    Hahahaha! Priceless!!

  3. Fiona M says:

    Awww, how could you??
    And little girl dresses are so small and quick to make … 😀

    • Evie says:

      I know…I’m a terrible mother! 😉
      I do have two pieces of fabric in the wash for her. She’s shamed me into it!

  4. Hahah, it only gets worse. Brilliant! 😉 xx

  5. Anne W says:

    LOL!! 😀 Good luck with that!

  6. Kim Hood says:

    Shame on you mummy! (Glad I wasn’t drinking when I read this or I would have ruined the computer 🙂 )

  7. Oh my! A beautiful monster you have there 😉 So funny…it makes you wonder how they come up with such thing at that age! You’d better sew as much for you while you still can… Soon she will be making long lists of dresses you should make for her 😉

  8. Andrea says:

    I love this conversation. Spoken like a true girl! You better get her started with sewing so that she can make her own outfits when she’s a teenager otherwise she’ll have you sewing night and day for her 🙂

  9. How did I miss this post – hysterical, gotta love her 😉

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