Charlie says…….

That despite the lovely squishy new rug, and the toasty fire on his bum (yes, I know. It’s September. But this is Lancashire. It’s cold!) he’s really rather bored of all this DIY malarky.

I have to say that I agree with him. Especially as yesterday, the plumber arrived and stole my sink. Now I’m not particularly bothered to lose the old sink as it was very battered and really rather revolting, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to wait until next Wednesday at the absolute earliest to get it replaced. At the moment all I have are a few pipes……

No sink. No cooker. Nothing. Good job we have a fine selection of purveyors of quality take out in the vicinity. That and salad. And sandwiches. I cannot wait until the new kitchen is finished and I can cook again. You all know I love to cook. And Mr Stitches is pining for homemade chocolate cake in any format. Which, frankly, he deserves after all the building work he’s done over the past few weeks (he’s boxing in water pipes in the kitchen as I type, and it’s nearly 9pm. He’s a star!)

However it will all be worth it when this roll of Laura Ashley loveliness is tranformed into curtains and a blind for the kitchen…

I find it hard to resist Laura Ashley, and even more so when it’s on 50% discount in the sales. Bargain! It would be rude not to….so I didn’t.

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