Blue and white shirred top – FO 13/2011

This used to be a skirt of Ma’s that she never wore.  Waste not want not, I say!

4 Responses to Blue and white shirred top – FO 13/2011

  1. Xtiand says:

    That’s lovely, you are very good at shirring! Button looks happy with the new additions to her wardrobe too.

    • pendlestitches says:

      She’s ridiculously pleased, which is lovely, and I’m making the most of it before she grows out of it! The shirring is so ridiculously easy but I’ll keep the compliment, thank you. x

  2. Mr Stitches says:

    Out little girl is growing up so quickly.

    Another great sewing success from the House of Stitches.

    • pendlestitches says:

      Hey handsome, I couldn’t do it without you and all your support.

      It doesn’t seem two years since we met that shy little button of a girl. She’s amazing. She takes after her daddy. x

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