Be careful what you wish for!

You know how in my last post I was bemoaning the lack of sewing time Chez Stitches this month?

Well, Somebody was obviously listening as last night I simply couldn’t sleep.

So from 1 till 3am I sewed some more of The Gardener’s Journal quilt top.

And unpicked it.

And sewed it again.

And unpicked a bit more!!!!!

Perhaps it wasn’t my greatest idea ever.

But by 3am I had reached the point where I only have 4 blocks left to do.

Today we all have colds, which might have been why I couldn’t settle last night, and I feel somewhat like roadkill, but nothing a pyjama day, lots of hot tea and a nap for the 3 of us won’t cure.

And when The Husband has finished working in the loft I’ll take a picture of where I’ve got to with the quilt and share it with you.

4 Responses to Be careful what you wish for!

  1. Jane says:

    Snap, I hate colds! Hot lemon and honey here going down a treat.
    Hope you all feel better soon

  2. Evie says:

    Perhaps with a splash of whiskey, I think!

  3. That happens to me too sometimes. I often find that something I have worked on into the wee small hours has mistakes and I have to start again so I was obviously more tired than I thought I was!

  4. PendleStitches says:

    The crazy thing was that I knew I was tired, knew I should have walked away and still kept on going. Perhaps I’m the crazy thing for not leaving well alone and curling up with a book.

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